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. other people like the warmer tone such as the brown so that's why we give you the snake reptile version >>host: there is a suede field to the snake, it is so soft >>guest: i like that as well >>host: i am partial to the snake but they are both selling well, for flexible payments $64.90, we will not wait for the rest of the payments you will get it this week and you will be able to experience in person and see for yourself why celebrities are willing to spend thousands for a handbag rfrom mary frances is line. this next one is fun >>guest: we call this a red or white is my wine bag for the day this wine is bedazzled. >>host: there are 58 remaining -- 50 first-comec13 serve one payment of $82.40 not surprise you were all over that, it takes your breath away >>guest: i love the way this came out it looks like a handbag youthspan 1004 and the department store looks like a handbag you would spendor in the department stores. we have interpreted this in a way that is more attainable we have been mixed that you can wear it with anything >>host: that is true with the different colors. t
swirls of color between teals and the neutrals of brown some blacks, and then larry on the pink aventurine -- layering,i imagine wearing this with their denim in your lens is a neutral that will be perfect. you can see this with crisp white that is a beautiful spring and summer look >>host: you can use this as a layering piece because of the length, you can wear something shorter underneath. when i have a show with find gemstones (...) you can go shopping for fashion jewelry that the beautiful quality jewelry that money can buy, you can go to the department stores and spend $30 on plastic. why would you do that remark when you could on that beautiful gemstone setup mother nature millions of the heirs to crystallize into these opaque colors in order for you to have history of the gemstones from around the world >>guest: i have a global sourcing team resources throughout brazil, asia, everywhere to bring you a new and different stones in all these amazing colors.i love we were saying about gemstones, this type of jewelry is known as a bridge julie. what that means you have your
it keeps former brown to the wrist . i believe the necklace will go faster than bracelet the necklace is a powerful piece because you so many different styles and shapes and neck it's all coming together. >>guest: that is another collector's piece a differentshapes. >>host: we have showstoppers earrings for you . tequila the showstopper as on angie item 665. check out that price.- looking to collect your first piece of amber know the value that is a nice $24.90 today. i am holding the cherry in my hand any can also pick up the cognac and the cherry is the most limited it also said it reached a beautiful garden. the red is deep in saturated is very pretty item665. >>guest: that is so classic. >>host: inspired by vincent van gogh look at what we are going to titanium that has been heated to give you a color and iridescence like you have never seen before with 2 amber emerging from this side this is a true one-of-a-kind piece and lowest price we have ever had pendant and ring are available. blue green tequila turquoise you will love this. item 097-770. i love the baltic amber. >>ho
and the extrahead and use regular tap water anywhere in the world and a retractable cord. this is the espresso brown and men will steam and they do not worry temperatures and teenagers will steam and there will be less wear and tear on your clothing than ironing. and bright white, everyone wants that for their laundry room.and golden yellow and citrus colors. here is the orange burst. and look at6 c13 quilted terry cloth bag and the extra wide steaminghead, 8 in. wide, you want to purchase several as $19.95 and for your office and holiday gifts and if you go to someone's house instead of spending $20 on get this one for them as a gift. and the pink is most limited. country red willow green, graphite white tower graphite aviator sunglasses, and the purple orchid. -- like our. if you have been disillusioned with travel steamers set fall down and spit water, this is the opposite. this product is reviewed on a weekly basis in some magazine and people are saying how they love it and how it changes their and they never iron any more. >>host: there are not many items that regardless of who you are and w
. stearns and the gentlewoman om -- the gentlewoman from florida, ms. brown, each will control 20 pins. the gentleman from florida. mr. stearns: i rise in strong support of h.r. 4201, a bill introduced by my good friend, mike turner, from ohio. as our nation's service members continue to endure long deployments oversea the service civil relief act is there to protect their interests at home. at its core, it ensures that service members have certain protections in the event that military service everything from mortgages to cell phone contracts, it simply fails to protect one uniform framework for protecting service members' rights under child custody actions by state courts. this bill would protect these rights by amended the scra to require that if a court gives temporary custody of a service member's child to someone else because of the service member's deployment, the service member has the opportunity to have the previous custody order reinstated upon their return. this would occur unless the court determines that such a move would not be in the best interest of the child. it would
brown, through out the entire houryou, we are thrilled to have the elizabeth arden here on hsn. [reading] (...) i cannot believe the difference i was stunned. >> i do not see the lines i do not have the rough patches. >> prevage is significant, people see the results and they continue to use it. [♪ music ♪] >>host: it will change the way you feel your skin--see your skin this was saved for today the only day you can get prevage. you get your prevage daytime moisturizer and you can get the eye serum and this is the hsn it is on a pricebreak for the first time ever full- look at the screen, [reading] >>host: free shipping and handling and everyone of these products and we have three flex payments of $32.25 a payment. technology >>host: i would love to also at this time will come robin mason who has been in the beauty business for over 20 years it is a pleasure to be+ >>guest: thank you for joining us we are excited to present prevage this is unprecedented. never offered this price so for this limited quantity i hope we can blow them out today. this has results that
. >> james andrew french. >> bill. >> thomas jeffrey browning jr.. >> jason edward. >> and drew clark. -- andrew clarke. >> james carson york. >> john morton. >> jay charles. >> michele. >> jacob dylan howder. >> richard -- rachel medellin. >> cody boswell. >> the class of 2012's number one cadet in athletic performance, david thomas. [applause] >> megan. >> nicholas richard. >> brady knew some. -- newsome. >> kevin. >> kelly gene. >> brent. >> paolo. >> michael richard. >> adam jacob. >> matthew thomas rogers. >> christine marie. >> laine clayton. >> jonathan kimn -- kim. >> john. >> daniel johnson. >> sarah suzanne sader. >> andrew quinn. >> and nathan wendell. >> -- murphy. -- bridgitte murphy. >> robert. >> michael raymond mclean. >> jordan scott keefer. >> sarah boyes thomas. >> jordan. >> anthony. >> clayton james. >> stephen douglas. >> kevin wayne weaver jr.. >> catherine barack -- brooke. >> benjamin carlson gomez. >> eleanor. >> paul david. >> austin taylor moore. >> tristan. >> christopher carl martin. >> michael edward o'donnell. >> marie. >> nicholas andrew smith. >> chri
liked blue . i a brown laser-cut faceted stone that things to you . everyone in my office 26 people in our office just looked over this. the pin/pendant is phenomenal in the jim wright on the piece is the ring is almost 6 ct. here are the matching gorgeous earrings one-of-a-kind handcraftedble to fine that's done again let alone this kind of character weight. >>guest: the ring as almost 6 carrots in the ring is over 9 if you've been to the islands or island cruise sheep ship and you have seen tanzanite. if you can imagine for second for over hundred dollars you are getting carrots and carrots of this natural stone with this unbelievable and danceable color. >>host: talk about magnetic we have this is beautiful said at this price only in their ring is $179.90 and four flex payments and the earrings $139.90 and that the matching pant it is $30 off at the same item number that bracelet is off and four flex payments all under item number 097- 830. >>guest: this one is very mystical you have red green whereas the tanzanite color blue and cornflower blue and all those different colors.
: chocolate brown, if you are a fan of green how about lettering the olive with sage green? >>host: spa color gorgeous. with cotton being so insane price right now to be able to offer 600 thread count these are the best of the best of the best. these quality cotton prices you will say maybe you can it 2-3 set send your children off to college with them because they are so affordable especially with the four flex payments. >>guest: if any one thing has been handing you buy going on a higher thread count now is the time to experience it a flex payment. think about how long you will have them, and it's a small investment many think about how often you will be in them eight hours every night. it is like living your favorite piece of clothing, you will benefit night after night. let us talk about longevity, it is 600 threads of a square inch vs 200 every time you wash them they will get tighter and meld and get softer, they launder beautifully. the payoff from luxury level sheets is huge, not only from the feel which you will notice right away that will flip over your body and silky coolness. t
chocolate brown you also receive a black pair. you get both paris and we will let you hear what other people say about healthy lifestyle sandals. >> my cheeks health sandals are very comfortable. some of the things that i love about the sandal is there is a gel insert that goes along the bottom of the shoe. it's really cushiony. it gives your foot a lot of support when you're walking and you can, honestly, barely feel it when you're walking. in this shoe, it goes in a little like right here and right here so that it cradles your foot so that when you're walking it doesn't slide all over the place. and also there is a nice arch support which gives your foot a lot of support. another great thing is they're really lightweight. >>host: they come in their own carrying bag. and what is6 c13 about this technology? you receive the black ones and your choice of color and purple haze is our new color and you might have bubblegum from years past and i keep them in the trunk of my car because i can always find them when i get a pedicure. >>guest: are the same cradling designed and they are much mor
and brown, this could be your solution to the warmer weather and addressing those colors in spring and summer and a softer version and we tempting you a little bit. all of these sheets sets are dyed to match pack to the today's special comforter set. we will save you so much money and we are giving you the look of see in the catalog and the decorator magazines. when you are flipping through a magazine the rich and famous in california, many of them have addressed the animal design but you will always notice it is done in a very soft and sophisticated cube. >>host: i do not want to walk into the boudoir and have all the colors smack me in the face . >>guest: we are mixing the floral with the animal- print and i think those done in tone on tone taupe are beautiful. i will show you all the different pillows to show you all the representations and it will give you a clear view. >>host: will tell the colors of the sheets that match back and then you well save a phone call because you really want to get sheets sets to match back. this is the burgundy and if you order that burgund
. he was one shot away from the -- shout away from the presidency. he has helped with the jerry brown's campaign in california in 2010 as well as many campaigns overseas. we are going to have a final -- fun conversation. i want to start. we will open up to questions. i want to start by saying if we -- seeing if we can get into the head of the campaigns as they are right at this stage in the election cycle. they're trying to size of the -- up the challenges they face. i want to start with you. i want to ask you of things to talk about from the obama campaign. you ran an incumbent reelection campaign. you know what it is like to be 48% approval, no sure thing. to get re-elected. what is the obama team thinking about the challenges and what they need to do? >> their two ways to answer that. one is what challenges they recognize they one have and what challenges they don't know. they have the advantage of time. they have spent a lot of time working on this of battleground states. he has held more fund-raisers than all of his predecessors back to ronald reagan combined in their entire ca
, and the prize for creative citizenship. she is a 1980 graduate of brown university. she also serves in her spare time on the board of the ford foundation. politicsalk, keeping out of women's help is being presented as a criminal -- at a critical moment in a nationwide conversation about women's health. the public outcry after the susan b. komen withdrawal and the reinstatement for breast cancer screening, the debate about contraception and religious organizations, whether they can be obligated to provide health insurance coverage, and even this week as the supreme court hearing on the affordable care act has brought start a attention to the question about what the appropriate role is for government and for non-profit organizations and for insurance companies in promoting women's health. for many of us who study or advocate on behalf of the issues or for those of us who care about the issues, questions about ensuring woman's access to health care are not new ones. researchers at the center for health and well-being and the office of public -- i am sorry. the public of opposition research has focu
blair and gordon brown had with rupert murdoch when they were prime minister. tony blair 7, brown, 13 me, for. -- 13, me, 4. the idea that there was an agreement and we work allowing this merger to go through is not true. >> mr. speaker, the reason why it is essential for the prime minister to come to the house today is that the culture secretary is in clear breach of the ministerial -- and the prime minister stands by and does nothing. he asks why this matters. it matters because we need a government that stands up for families, not their rich and powerful. he is failing that test. host: let us go back to this story and how it has touched the royal family. >> follow this online at c- we go live to portsmouth, virginia. we are with mitt romney and congressman -- congresswoman teselle bachmann. -- michele bachmann. live coverage here on c-span. ♪ >> good morning. [applause] good morning. this is what victories looked -- this is what victory looks like. take a look around. we're all here together to have a welcome party here for the next president of the united states, presiden
of the members have good work. so i agree with that. the members of our committee, senator brown is next. >> director sullivan and mr. edwards, thank you for tending. hist mr. sullivan, you said that you were not aware that this had happened before and that is evidenced by some of the investigations you have done in your long history in the service, correct? >> yes, senator. >> you are still trying to figure it out is something you also said, correct? the most recent incidents? >> yes, sir. >> you are making changes coming ethics training, changing policy, is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> you said many times that a majority of the folks serving in the agency -- and i would agree -- do wonderful work and have gone on many missions and serve with great pride and resourcefulness. 147 years of service. is that fair to say? >> yes, senator. >> i know that you set out new guidelines and indicated they were draconian. and that you need to do them but you feel it's necessary. i would ask do you also trust the men and women now that are serving, notwithstanding this individual incident? do you tr
and said what color are your eyes? she said, as she had placed, "my eyes are brown." the registrar looked at her and said "no, your eyes are black." she said "no my eyes are brown." my mother refused to leave. the registrar return 15 minutes later and she was allowed to register to vote. the point is, the indignity and the harassment, the gamesmanship and the difficulty place in the way of people prior to the voting at this something we must be reminded of. in 2012 we are witnesses to an avalanche of new voting laws in 34 states across the nation. new voting laws would seek strict but no identification requirements, restrict early voting. new laws that make it difficult for people to carry out voter registration. we ask a simple question "why and why now?" why and why now is there this new avalanche? we say it is an attack on democracy. we say that these new voters oppression loss is something we must collectively recess. -- laws is something we must collectively resist. we believe they can impact the voter registration of 5 million voters across the nation. recently, i am proud that a ci
was use -- wishes to his successor, prof. barry brown, and i'm confident, as with all of you, that professor brown will move mount ida forward into a great second century. also, what a privilege to receive an honorary degree in the company i am receiving it. clearly, the supreme traditional court justice have accomplished it amazing things. one is a remarkable job is dedicated to the rule of law and making sure that our justice system works, and other has touched the lives after being remarkably successful entrepreneurially, and has decided to give that and make sure that young kids who are at risk and in trouble all opportunities that don't depend on their bank account or zip code, but open up the opportunities to where they are supposed to. i am honored to receive an honorary degree with them, i salute both of them for that great accomplishment. [applause] also want to take a moment of what we call in the senate personal privilege, if i may. in the senate, i am lucky to have on my team somebody by the name of alexander nunez, and here, you are lucky to have alex's mother, o
as she had placed on the border registration card my eyes are brown." the registrar said, "my eyes are blue -- "your eyes are black." my mother refused to leave. the registrar left the county, left the some -- represent counter, returned later, and she was allowed to vote. the point is the indignity and the harassment, the gamesmanship and the difficulty placed in the wake of people crier to the voting rights act is something we must be reminded of. in 2012, which are witnesses to an avalanche, an avalanche of new voting loss in 34 states across the nation, new voting bloc laws which seek to impose strict photo identification requirements, new voting requirements that's the to restrict early voting, new voting laws that seek to restrict absentee voting, which make it difficult for people to carry out voter registration drives. we ask a simple question -- why and why now? why and why now is there this new avalanche? we say is an attack on democracy. we say that these new voters a partial loss is something we must -- voter suppression loss is something we must address. this will addr
the public, -- think up around -- think of brown v. board of education. >> what about those who say that the events of the rule of law against mob rule and a democracy would mean not rule? >> it took filled said -- de toqueville said lawyers are -- i prefer the quotation from hamilton distressed it is not following polls, but enforcing fundamental values that a majority of the country has come to accept over time. that is why in vendor -- interventions are important. they have to be used spiraling. when they believe they can impose a contested vision of justice, they also get into a lot of trouble. that is what debates are important because questions of health care, campaign finance, this is a think that the country is divided, and if you put your thumb on one side of the scale, you provoke a lot of popular reaction. >> that is the point of having lifetime tenure. they are supposed to be able to take the heat. they're not supposed to calibrate between the two sides and say i do not know if the country is reidy. -- ready. the institution is a critical part of a democracy. i meant it
of the committee, as is our custom, will be called in order of appearance, and in that regard, senator brown is next. >> thank you, mr. chair. director sullivan, and inspector edwards, thank you for coming. in your testimony, you said you are not aware of this having happened before, and this is part of the investigation to have done it as part of your long history. is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> and you also said this is something you are still trying to figure out. is that what you said? >> the most recent type of behavior, yes, sir. >> and you are making changes, changing policy. is that also correct? >> yes, sir. >> and you have said many times that the majority of folks serving in the agency, and i would agree that they do wonderful work. they serve with great pride and resourcefulness, as i believed it was 147 years. i know you have set out new guidelines, and indicated, you have said that they were draconian, as a matter of fact, and that you hate to do them, but to feel it is necessary. i would ask, do you also trust the men and women now that are serving, notwithstanding this one
with president obama. well, senator brown when he was a house member voted for yucca mountain in 2002. so did senator portman. both are senators from the state of ohio right now. senator mitch mcconnell has stated and so he supports yucca mountain when it comes to nuclear energy we have seen this administration abandon plans and millions in taxpayer dollars before without much consideration of the consequences. take for example unwillingness to follow through on the nuclear storage site, yucca. we have already spent about $15 million at yucca mountain and leader mcconnell is addressing that issue. senator paul so far has been silent. we hope that he comes out with a stated position. so what does that do to our tally of where senators are? and we reached over the 50 vote mark based upon our analysis of past statements and past votes. with 51 senators who would vote yes. that would be a simple majority if the senate moved by majority standards. 19who are undecided. senator paul is our recent add. and 20 who identify based on their past statements having voted no or have made statements in oppos
will see one from senator john mccain on importing prescription drugs from canada. senator brown of ohio is a co- sponsor now. it is something a lot of senators support, but it is still controversial and i don't expect it will get adopted on to this bill. other amendments from bernie sanders of clinical trials. we will see different things pop up. we might even see a flood insurance program, which really does not have anything to do with the fda, but they are trying to get it passed. >> an article today writes about the issue sunscreen regulation. what can you tell us about that? >> some of the democratic senators want the update stronger, labeling restrictions on sunscreen. they want the fda to have a lot tighter restrictions on how those products can be marketed. >> fda officials responding to the senate bill. >> they very much want the bill to come through. they have worked out agreements with the industry and lawmakers. there have been working on this bill for almost two years now and there really want this agreement to get through as quickly as possible. the authorization does not e
tony blair and gordon brown and former chancellor is one -- might want to reveal their taiex and e-mails to company executives. these people crowded our country. they brought shane -- shame on our police force. they lied and cheated, blackmailed and boley. we should be ashamed to think how we cower before them for so long. to stop requires more than to agonistic retribution. those really responsible are held to account. the rich and powerful are as low in the face of the law is the most humble and week. in the words of bob dylan, the ladder of law has no top and bottom. everyone in the world knows who is responsible for the wrongdoing at news corp., rupert murdoch. more than any individual alive, he is to blame. the deeds are his. he pay the piper and he called the tune. it is his company, his culture, his people, his business, his failures, his lies, his crimes, the price of profits and his power. >> thank you. it is fair to say -- that was not the unanimous of view of the committee. >> coming back to the report, every -- the chairman was right to focus on the part of the report w
-related cases and brown the country. the s&l crisis, we wanted to put in jail the wall street barons. but do not assume that because you are all in manhattan that right now we are not doing it. i think what is going on is somewhat analogous. look, as the attorney general says and the fbi director says, the number-one priority will always be to keep this country save, and safe from terrorism. i am the assistant attorney general of the criminal division. there is now in national security division. there was not one a few years ago. congress decided that we needed it in a constant fight against terrorism. but i will say that with the cutbacks -- and i fought very hard for this -- there are far more increased resources to what we would call traditional crime and traditional white collar crime. i do not think we will ever be in a post-9/11 that scenario where a good amount of resources are not fighting terrorism, but there is no question we are -- we have more resources. and that is why we need things like this task force. because we are in a world where partnerships matter. the criminal world no
a different situation now with governor brown back, and it has been best it has made a tremendous difference in kansas. because of the link between governor sibelius and the mandate issue and how much does government that has received, is interesting to note that the tension between her and the issue of religious liberty does not begin at the national level, but found its beginnings in a variety of issues that occurred at the state level in kansas, one of which terminated last year and a decision by the kansas court of appeals. there was a woman, a jehovah's witness, who wished to receive a liver transplant using a procedure that they perform at a hospital in nebraska that is not performed at any hospitals in kansas, that allowed her to receive that procedure without the need of a blood transfusion. and the sebelius administration took a strong stance in denying the ability to use state funds for that procedure, and there was a lawsuit that was brought under our state constitution. can this institution at the state level -- the kansas constitution at the state level as strong conscience prot
and in memory of a very dear friend of mine and a very dear friend of brown county, county commissioner rick eagen. rick's passion for community service spanned his entire life. he was a member of the rippley fire department for almost 30 years. he served 14 years in local law enforcement. he was also a former councilmember and vice mayor of rippley, ohio. but rick didn't stop there. he wanted to do momplet -- more. he wanted to be county commissioner because he felt he could lead the county forward. and so he ran for commissioner and lost. he ran again and lost. they say the third time's a charm, and rick decided to test that water and so in 2010 he threw his hat in the ring. unfortunately very early on he was involved in a very tragic automobile accident. one that nearly took his life. it took his leg. it took his ability to breathe. and he had a tracheotomy until a few weeks ago. he was in the hospital for nearly a year. he came out that august, campaigned, and miraculously won the election. his dream came true and he began to serve his community in another way. he loved his community. he
, mommy, daddy, i went to brown sporting goods and got my first racket and the salesperson said to me, well, what kind of racket do you want? i said, what does $8.29 buy? i got it because i loved the color. it was -- it's -- purple is my favorite color. laugheneder, violet. i would sleep with my racket every night. and i would dream about winning and being number one. so when i see my -- this racket i said, oh, i love it, i love it. just like lynus with your blankey, that's how i am with my tennis racket. the biggest thing is materials and the racket. they're so light. my wooden racket was 13 3/4 ounces. federer is pretty heavy. sampras is heavy. the aerodynamics, it's so much harder. the sweet spots, i can go on and on and on. all the pros are talking about the strings they use. oh, it's got little sharp things in the strings so it -- the spins take more. like if you have seen nadal hit that forehand spin, the reason it takes -- everything's exaggerated. the slice is exaggerated. the topspin is exaggerated and they have the control we never would have had. our sweet spot was this big
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